7 Cost-Saving and Economical Ways to Use Your Air Conditioner

When summer comes around, it’s easy to crank up the air conditioning and call it a day. After a few months of use, though, you’re bound to receive a higher than usual power bill. But how do you achieve the right balance between energy-efficiency and comfort during summer?

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Here are 7 ways to use your air conditioner more economically in order to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

1. Get an air conditioner with a high energy rating

Different energy ratings have a major influence on the running cost of your device. The more stars, the more energy-efficient it is. Keep this in mind when shopping around. Try to narrow your options down to units with no less than 5 stars. This is a simple and easy way to reduce your ongoing running costs from the get-go.

2. Choose the right size

Choosing a properly sized air conditioner is vital to slashing your energy bills.

If your model is oversized, it will cool down the room faster than it should. Isn’t that a good thing, though? Not quite. If the temperature drops too quickly, the device will switch off. It will then enter a continuous on/off cycle in order to maintain a consistent temperature. This is a more expensive way to cool a room than a model that can keep a steady temperature without switching off.

On the flip side, if the air conditioner is too small, the device will be pushed to its limits in order to keep the place cool. As a result, the device will be more expensive to run and possibly break down sooner, as the internal components will wear down quicker due to excessive use.

By having a fully qualified installer assess your work or living space, they can use their expert knowledge and the latest technology to determine the right kind of air conditioner for you. This way, you’ll receive a model that keeps you cool and comfortable at the lowest possible cost.

3. Use a ceiling fan in conjunction with the air conditioner

Think ceiling fans are only for people without air conditioning? Think again. When used alongside an air conditioner, a ceiling fan can help circulate air around the room more efficiently. This means your room will stay cooler for longer, while reducing the workload for your air conditioner.

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4. Shut windows during the day. Open them up on cool nights.

Pretty self-explanatory. When the day is hot and scorching, close every window in the house. This will prevent cold air produced by the air conditioner from escaping. However, when night falls and the temperature drops, open up those windows. This will push out any existing hot air and let in the cool air from outside.

So, when morning comes, the house will be able to stay cooler for longer, possibly well into the afternoon. Thus, you won’t need to use the air conditioner for as long, which’ll save you a bit of money.

5. Only use the air conditioner for rooms in use

Sounds obvious, but it’s an easy rule to forget. Where possible, limit the use of your air conditioner only to rooms in use. If you have a traditional wall unit, this means only using it when people are in the room being cooled. If you have a whole-house ducted system (with zoning capabilities), use the zone function to restrict air flow to only rooms in use, or are about to be used.

6. Increase the thermostat temperature in summer

For every degree you raise the thermostat in summer, you could save 10 percent on your annual cooling costs. So, if you typically have the thermostat on 20 to 21 degrees in summer, your air conditioner may be working harder than it should. Consider raising it by a few degrees up to 25 to 28 degrees. This way, you’ll give the air conditioner a well-earned break and still be comfortable indoors.

For split-systems, you can apply a similar logic in winter. How? By lowering the temperature on your thermostat to between 17 and 19 degrees. This way, your device will be able to maintain a steady temperature more easily, which will help reduce your power bill.

7. Use a timer to limit how long you use your air conditioner

Many modern air conditioners have an in-built timer. You can also purchase a smart outlet to determine how long the device remains on for. Whichever way you time the usage of your air conditioner, try to limit it as much as possible, and within reason. Even just slashing an hour or two off your daily use could make a massive difference to your energy bill.

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