7 Tips to Keep Your House Cool in Summer

When the temperature is soaring and sweat is dripping down your forehead it’s easy to clamour for the A/C.

But doing this can really jack up your energy bills and negatively impact the environment. Does this mean you have to bear the unrelenting heat? Of course not. You just need to get creative.

By following these 7 easy steps this will help keep your house cool in summer and let you keep some extra money in your pocket.

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1. Keep blinds and windows shut during the day

Much of the heat you accumulate indoors is due to the combination of hot air and sunlight from outside.

By keeping both the blinds and windows shut during the day this will help you maintain a consistent temperature indoors.

Got outdoor blinds? If so, wind them down. Doing this will provide shade for your living space, and – since the sun’s rays won’t be able to reach the windows – reduce even more heat transfer.

2. Open the windows on a cool night

Once the temperature outside is lower than what the temperature is indoors, open all the windows in your house. Not only will this invite the cool air inside, it will also give the hot air that is already inside the house a way to escape.

To achieve an even greater cooling effect, place a pedestal fan in front of each open window, facing towards you. Switch the fans on. As a result, the fans will help ‘draw in’ the cool air at a faster rate and cool down the house more quickly.

3. Set your ceiling fan to ‘Summer Mode’

If you have a ceiling fan, here’s an easy way to keep the house cool in summer – make sure the blades are rotating in the right direction.

In summer, you want the blades to rotate clockwise so that it generates a cool breeze and pushes the cool air down.

What happens if the blades are set to counter-clockwise? Then you won’t feel a thing, as the feature is designed for use in winter to push warm air down from your ceiling so as to keep the room warmer.

4. Seal all possible gaps to prevent heat transfer

Air leaks can cause your house to heat up faster and force your cooling system to work harder. To avoid this costly inconvenience, search both indoors and outdoors for any potential gaps, cracks, or surface imperfections in your house.

Some of the most common sources of air leaks include:

  • Gaps where the floor and wall junction meets
  • Beneath and around door and window frames
  • Poor-quality roof insulation
  • Chimney shafts
  • Garages that connect right next to the living space

In some cases, installing caulk and weatherstrip materials can help block minor air leaks. In more serious cases, minor building modifications may be required to correct poor workmanship and natural wear-and-tear.

5. Service your air conditioner on a regular basis

There are several reasons why it’s a good idea to service your air conditioner.

For starters, you will have peace of mind knowing your air conditioner is there when you need it most. Especially in summer, where a sudden breakdown can leave you lost and stranded.

Secondly, you will save money. How? Because preventive care is generally cheaper than paying an emergency call-out fee. Plus, by increasing the service life of your current air-conditioner, you will save on not having to buy a new unit sooner.

Thirdly, your air conditioner will be more effective. This is because, over time, air conditioners start to build up a lot of dust, dirt, and grime. If left unchecked, these impurities can clog up the filters and reduce airflow. Regular maintenance will ensure each component is clean and cold air can travel where it needs to go.

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6. Wear light and breathable clothing

Wearing ill-fitting clothes in hot and humid climates can make you sweaty.

To avoid this, switch to loose fit clothing made from lightweight breathable fabric. The loose fit will stop clothes from sticking to your skin, while the breathable fabric will provide extra airflow.

Recommended breathable fabrics include cotton, nylon and polyester, rayon, linen, and silk.

7. Upgrade to a more energy-efficient air conditioner

If you suspect your air conditioner is costing you more money or hassle than it’s worth –consider an upgrade.

Modern air conditioners are generally more energy-efficient, reliable, and affordable to run than older models. This is due to a combination of improved technology and stricter energy rating requirements. So you’re virtually guaranteed to get a model that is better than what you currently have.

On top of this, newer air conditioners are quieter to run, and they can even be automated to operate at certain times of the day – giving you more control over when and how often your air conditioner is on for.

Best of all? Newer air conditioners are designed to handle the ever-increasing demand of the harsh Aussie climate. So they will last for longer too!

For a fast FREE quote on a new air conditioner – and more tips on how to keep your house cool in summer – contact Oldmate ACT today.

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