Is Gas Cheaper Than Electricity?

Obviously, all homes require electricity to power the building itself and the appliances used inside.
But, when it comes to gas fittings, there are different types of gas to choose from and you have the option to use as little or much as you desire. So, to answer the question of how much gas you should use (if at all), you need to take into account: your current lifestyle, the limitations of your property, and also compare market rates.

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How to Avoid These 5 Causes of Blocked Drains

When an object blocks one of your pipes it can cause many issues. You could have standing water in your shower, bathtub, or basin. The water in your toilet might rise and overfill. Or, one of your pipes might leak

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7 Tips to Keep Your House Cool in Summer

When the temperature is soaring and sweat is dripping down your forehead it’s easy to clamour for the A/C. But doing this can really jack up your energy bills and negatively impact the environment. Does this mean you have to

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How Much Does it Cost to Run an Air Conditioner?

local air conditioning expert

If you’re feeling a bit concerned about how much energy you use at home, then you’re probably asking yourself this question right now – especially with a particularly hot summer just around the corner. The truth is, there are many

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How to Keep Cool This Summer

While summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy quality time outdoors, eventually the heat can become too much to bear, leaving you with no choice but to bunker down and get cool indoors. Switching on the A/C is

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How to Save Money on Your Air Conditioning This Summer

With summer just around the corner, you’ve probably started to dust off your electric fans, crank down the thermostat, and slip into looser clothing to stay cool and comfortable. How much damage can air conditioning do to your bill? According

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Paying Too Much for Electricity? Your Local Electrician Can Help

If you suspect you’re paying too much for electricity, and you want a second-opinion from someone you can trust – talk to your local electrician for advice on how to make your home or business more energy-efficient. Here are some

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Top 5 DIY Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid

Top 5 DIY Plumbing Mistakes

There are many risks to performing unlicensed plumbing work in the home. It can put your health and safety at risk, compromise the quality of your water mains and pipes, and leave you liable for hefty fines. Fortunately, there are

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3 Reasons to Switch to LED Lighting

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Switching to LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs is one of the most effective ways to slash energy and maintenance costs. In fact, research has shown LEDs use about 75 percent less electricity than halogen bulbs and last around 5 – 10

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Signs Your Hot Water System Needs Replacing

Hot water system replacing services Canberra

Like most of your household utilities, you only really have to think about them when something goes wrong. When it comes to your hot water system, knowing when it’s time to skip the repairs and upgrade will save money and

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