Choosing the Most Suitable and Cheapest Type of Heating to Save You Money

Want to beat the winter chill each and every year at the lowest possible cost? Aside from fitting your home with proper insulation and draught proofing, the next best thing is an energy-efficient heating system.

But, with so many systems to choose from, how do you know which one will provide warmth and comfort – to parts of the house where you need it most – yet still be gentle on your wallet?

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To help you decide let’s take a look at the average running cost of the most popular heating systems out there.

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Portable electric heaters –

Portable electric heaters are a popular choice due to their widespread availability, low upfront cost, and the fact they are easy to move around.

Unfortunately, they are expensive to run. The average 2.4kW portable electric heater costs around 42 to 60 cents per hour to run. Based on an average use of 8 hours per day for 3 months a year, the total yearly cost to run a portable electric heater is around $438.

Another problem is their limited heating capacity. Most portable electric heaters are not powerful enough to heat anything more than a small room. This means you need to purchase multiple electric heaters to heat an entire house. By doing this, you could double or triple the annual running cost of your household heating.[1]

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Gas room heaters

Gas room heaters are an affordable and effective way to heat small to large rooms while being an attractive centrepiece. You can also purchase units to heat semi-enclosed outdoor spaces.

There are two types of gas heaters: flued and unflued. Flued gas heaters are fitted into a designated wall space (perhaps in place of an existing fireplace) and discharge the combustion gas and water vapour through a chimney for cleaner indoor air. On the other hand, unflued gas heaters have no flue and therefore discharge the combustion gas and water vapour straight into the home.

Both types of gas heaters are considerably cheaper to run than portable electric heaters. The average running cost of a flued and unflued gas heater is around 19 to 21 cents per hour depending on the model and Energy Rating. This equates to an average annual running cost of $138 to $153 per year.

There are some upfront costs to consider. If your house doesn’t already have a chimney, you’ll need to decide whether the upfront cost to install a flued gas heater is worth the expense. Furthermore, unflued gas heaters require some room ventilation, and the presence of mild air pollutants may irritate sensitive individuals.

Wood fireplaces –

Traditional wood fuelled heaters create a warm and cosy atmosphere enhanced with flickering flames that most gas heaters cannot replicate.

One of the greatest advantages of a wood fireplace is the low cost of fuel. You can purchase 15kg to 20kg of seasoned hardwood timber at most hardware stores for a low cost of $12 to $15. Buying from a reputable supplier also gives you peace of mind that the timber has been sustainably harvested and is safe to use at home.

Alternatively, you can source your own firewood. How easy this is will depend on availability in your local area. However, you must make sure the timber is hardwood, adequately seasoned, and has a moisture content of less than 18 percent.

You can also save money by purchasing second-hand timber on an online marketplace like Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree. Again, make sure the timber is sustainably sourced and safe to use.

Need help choosing the right system?

Based on these findings, it’s clear that gas and natural wood are by far the most affordable way to heat a home. But which one is right for you? That depends on the size and complexity of your home, insulation quality, and the amount of rooms you wish to heat.

By having a heating specialist assess your home, they can explain the benefits of each system to you, and help you choose one that meets your heating requirements at the best price.

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