Paying Too Much for Electricity? Your Local Electrician Can Help

If you suspect you’re paying too much for electricity, and you want a second-opinion from someone you can trust – talk to your local electrician for advice on how to make your home or business more energy-efficient.

Here are some of the many ways your local electrician in Canberra can help reduce your energy costs.

Energy Audits:

Long gone are the days of sparkies installing your electrical goods and calling it a day. These days, the modern electrician is well-versed in the benefits of energy-efficient appliances, and how to implement them strategically into the home and business.

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Some electricians actually undergo dedicated training to become more educated in the field of energy-efficiency. While others gain enough hands-on experience and knowledge to help their clients reduce their bills and save money.

One way to find out if you’re using too much power is to request an energy audit.

On a suitable day and time, your electrician will use state-of-the-art equipment to measure how much energy you’re consuming, identify any problem areas – i.e. poor insulation, poor lifestyle habits, and faulty or inefficient equipment – and recommend tailored solutions to help reduce your energy consumption.

From there, your  local Canberra electrician will take the necessary steps to upgrade your electrical infrastructure, which may involve performing one or more of the following tasks:

  • Replace faulty or inefficient equipment with new, energy-efficient, and reliable equipment.
  • Recommend a partial or complete upgrade to the property’s insulation.
  • Install smart energy meters to help the property owner more accurately measure their energy consumption.
  • Install smart power points and power boards that adapt to the users lifestyle and usage habits and help reduce idle power consumption.
  • Replace outdated halogen bulbs with more energy-efficient and visually appealing LEDs.
  • Recommend a range of lifestyle tips – i.e. draught proofing, switching off idle devices, installing blinds and curtains to block sunlight.

Of course, even with the best efforts, sometimes the cause of a high energy bill is your own energy provider.

Is Your Energy Provider the Problem?

If your electrician is confident your home or business is doing its part to stay energy-efficient, but they feel your energy bills are still too high, they may suggest you compare energy providers and secure a better deal.

There are many reasons why your energy bill may be too high. Some of the most common reasons are:

You’re paying ‘loyalty tax’:

This occurs when you stay with the same energy provider – including the same energy plan – for at least 12 months to a few years, and you end up on a deal that’s worse off than when you initially signed up.

For example, you may have been offered a discount for the first year of service, which then expired after that period.

To counter this problem, get in touch with your energy provider. Ask them if they can provide you with a better deal. While this may sound confronting at first, it’s a common request from customers who are considering switching providers, which the electricity company knows all too well – so they’ll be prepared to offer a better deal in order to keep you as a customer.

You didn’t choose your electricity provider:

This is common if you moved into a new home or commercial premise, and you let the moving company or another third-party (for example, the real estate agent) choose an electricity provider on your behalf.

When you sign up for these kinds of deals, you often end up paying what’s known as a ‘Standing Offer.’ This is an offer that the electricity company is legally obliged to make available to customers, where the minimum terms and conditions are established by the government.

Unfortunately, standing offers are usually higher than market offers and they have no discounts or sign-up incentives.

To find out if your current energy plan is a standing offer, ask your energy provider. If so, ask what kind of market offers are available to you. If you find a better deal, make the switch to start enjoy the savings.

Your energy provider just simply isn’t providing good value for money :

Sometimes, regardless of whether you’re on a standing offer or you’ve been a loyal customer for many years, the electricity provider you’re with just doesn’t have as good as deal as their competitors.

If you’ve done your research and have found a better deal elsewhere, consider taking it. Who knows? If you let your current provider know you’re switching providers, they may be able to undercut their competitor to keep you as a customer.

Think you’re paying too much for your electricity? At Oldmate ACT, we help home owners and business owners like yourself reduce energy spending so you can enjoy maximum savings.

For valuable energy-saving advice and tips, call us today on 902) 6254 6576. Alternatively, send your online enquiry. One of our friendly electricians in Canberra will arrange a suitable day and time to carry out an energy audit.


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